Current Project: Space Salvage – An Action/Adventure game about the adventures of a budding young space ship mechanic.

I post every week on Monday, and I do a “Producer Letter” to myself on Friday. I’d greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions about my posts.

I’m a standard issue nerd, old school PnP RPG campaigner, degree in Computer Engineering, comics semi-geek, board and PC gamer, with a spur into fitness and hiking. Two boys making life interesting, and a great wife.

Other things:
Army E-4 technician (Ft Dix, NJ .. Ft Devens, MA .. Camp Humphreys, Korea .. Hunter Army Airfield, GA .. KFIA, Saudi Arabia) (four years)
Paychex Computer Operator (’93 – ’97)
California State University at Sacramento, BS CpE (grad ’99)
Hewlett Packard product engineer (2000 – 2014)
Now mostly stay-at-home dad, trying to break into making video games with Unity/Blender.

You can also email me directly to Roger’s email. I would love to hear from you.