Survivin’ the ‘Rona

So when we went into quarantine, I, like most people I think, did not realize the implications of what we are undertaking. From what I can read on the internet the expected time frame for an actual vaccine for Covid-19 is 12 to 18 months!  

It doesn’t seem realistic to stay in complete lockdown for that long, and I think we are going to have to adapt to a new way of life because until that vaccine comes out, or you get sick and recover, you’ll have to remain on guard. I anticipate we are going to enter a more stand-offish, and even less trusting of strangers world for a while. On the other hand, I think we’ll hold our family and trusted friends even tighter. I’ll call this clannish, and I’m already seeing signs of this new world emerging.

I met my neighbor the other day, I was just starting on my daily walk, and he was just coming back from his walk. We spoke about ten plus feet away from each other, and it felt respectable, comfortable. He told me he had been to the river, about two miles away, and it was crowded.

 “Crowded?” I asked a little astonished. He said that they were basically crowds of people traveling together, but still maintaining distance from the other crowds of people. It occurred to me that each of the crowds must be whole households out getting air and exercise.

I’ve also seen posts from other people that echoed this sentiment. They were normally open friendly, but now they were only open and friendly to family. It makes sense, really. However, when your group is very small, like ours, you are going to have to stretch your trust a bit and allow some non-family into your clan. However, we still talk with our friends at a distance or through electronics.

It seems to me, a card-carrying introvert of the first water, that I’ve been training for this moment my whole life. However, it’s not quite the hermetic, live alone on a quiet mountain top existence I dreamt of. There are loud and sometimes obnoxious kids that infest our home and I’ve been conscripted as a truant officer.

My eldest, a Junior in High School, tried to convince me that most of his classes were just not giving out assignments or even having Zoom meetings. At the same time, my sixth grader has two daily meetings plus assignments. When I said that made no sense, my oldest tried to tell me that I think that way because I am old and my high school was some kind of academic nightmare where kids HAD to do work all the time. (You may think I am joking here, but I’m not)

Finally, I dug around into his Google Classroom, that he’s supposed to be checking daily, and discovered he’d conveniently never clicked on any of the class links …  Needless to say, he’s got tons of work to do now. I am learning all about WWII and the Warsaw Ghetto because he suddenly learned about a presentation due today that was assigned four weeks ago.

NOTE: For people whom my last post was in October, I had maintained a blog on MyLifeLine while I was being treated for cancer and this is a continuation of those.

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  1. I could almost cut and paste this as my own except that, I am better than most at hiding my inner introvert. As a normal “work from home” worker, I am unfazed by the “stay at home” order. I do however find myself secretly wishing that some others in my houshold would violate the order. With that, I still find myself longing for that hermetic existence that you mentioned. As for the kids and schoolwork, I have the exact scenario with my 3rd and 8th grader.


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