The First Steps into a Bigger Social World

I was born an introvert. I like nothing better than to work alone listening to music in an otherwise silent room. However, my dream is to someday make something worthwhile, that I’m proud of, and that people would want to buy. To reach this dream I’ve realized for a long time that I need to break out of my shell and connect with people. Today, for the first time, I am incorporating a social media workflow.

I’ll be going through my feed and actively giving feedback, as well as doing these posts and trying to gain a larger audience. Yeah, social media isn’t exactly the same as being a socialite. I’m not going to be giving heartfelt speeches or starting deep discussions, and it really is nakedly for marketing and getting my name out there so people actually can see what I’m doing and see if it’s interesting to them.

It is more than that though, while I won’t make much of a connection with most people, I feel that there will be a few that I will connect with.

I am still nervous about this, but whatever happens, happens. I can’t be afraid of taking a chance.

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