Vault is released, and some other things happened.

Whoa, January came and went so fast.

I finally finished the Vault Promo Vid, and pulled the trigger. I officially put out Vault to Production on Google Play. It still has to pass a variety of automated tests before Google releases it for real. Until then it’s just listed in the Store as “Vault (Beta)”.

I’ve already seen the ad function working, they are live! Unity had a Star Trek game ad on there. So maybe I’ll make a little tiny bit of money, maybe?

Amusing tidbit, I put out the promo vid out yesterday, and I got a couple installs from Pakistan of all places already. I hoped they liked it.

I’ll post the store listing as soon as it actually goes out to production, and you can see the full glory and fruit of my month-long, teeth pulling video production enterprise as well as give Vault a try. 🙂

I attended the Global Game Jam held on January 25 – 27. I jumped in a little late and became a team’s art guy. It was out of necessity really, they had nothing but coders, and I at least know my Ellipses from my Eyedropper. We didn’t get anywhere close to finishing and our game wasn’t really … a game, but I had a lot of fun. I really love working with a team. Here’s my title screen for it anyway.

Our Glorious Global Game Jam game

I’ve discovered GDC Videos, and they are so great for someone like me. They help keep me inspired and charging forward. I am watching them first thing in the morning, when I am awakened by various annoying bodily processes way before I am supposed to get up. Even the videos that I really don’t have a connection with just help me get in the game making mode.

“So what about Space Uber?”, I can imagine you interrupting with concern in your eyes, “Isn’t that the game you’re supposed to have been working on this whole time?”

“Oh, blog reader”, I say in an irritatingly condescending voice, then I see the anger flash in your eyes and quickly add, “Well, yeah, sorry about that, I promise to get back in the spacecraft cockpit tomorrow so to speak.”

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